What Documents Should Landlords Ask for During a Right to Rent Check?

When it comes to selecting a tenant, landlords should be aware of the documents they need to request in order to verify the information provided. The selection process should be focused on facts, and landlords should be sure to follow up and confirm that the information is accurate. It is important to ask tenants why they are moving from their last place, as this can provide insight into how they treat the property and if they can afford the rent. Additionally, landlords should know what financial documents to request from the tenant in support of their request.

If the tenant is not a British or Irish citizen, they can usually prove their right to rent with their original immigration documents. Landlords can check the physical documents of a British or Irish citizen themselves or use an online identity service provider (IDSP) to verify them. If the tenant does not have the correct documents or a valid property code, landlords should use the landlord's check service to request a check from the Home Office about the right to rent. The application asks for details about the tenant's work and salary, and it may be useful to contact previous landlords to discuss their experience with the tenant and learn more about whether they would be a good fit for your property.

Questions about the monthly rent, the dates the tenant resided, and the address of the property are useful to confirm that you're talking to the right landlord and get real information. If landlords rent their property to someone who has no right to rent it in England, they can receive a fine of up to 3,000 pounds sterling for each tenant or be sent to prison. It is important for landlords to know if a candidate is hiding the truth or is dishonest with references, as evicting the wrong tenant is likely to cost thousands of dollars. In conclusion, landlords should be aware of what documents they need to request from tenants in order to verify information provided and ensure that they are renting their property out legally.

It is important for landlords to contact previous landlords and ask questions about monthly rent, dates of residence, and address of property in order to get real information. If tenants cannot prove their right to rent using an accepted original document, landlords should use an online service instead.

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