What is a Right to Rent Check? A Comprehensive Guide

What is an entitlement to rent check? This is a verification process that occurs when a potential adult occupant of a rental property shows their identity documents in person to the landlord or rental agent. It is similar to presenting your passport (and visa) to a border control officer at an immigration checkpoint. This process allows you to approve a rent entitlement check showing that you have the right to live in the UK. Landlords and agents must verify the immigration status of the adults who will be living on the property before the tenancy begins.

The Right to Rent system requires leasing agents in England to verify that all tenants occupying their properties have legal status to live in the United Kingdom. This means that before you can rent a home in England, a tenancy agent must verify your identity before renting the property. Your landlord or leasing agent will ask you to show your immigration documents or passport when you start or renew your lease. You will also be asked to see the documents of any other adult living with you. The right to rent check is a legal requirement for landlords before the start of a lease.

It shows that a tenant or tenant has the right to rent property in England. The right to rent system requires landlords to verify that the potential tenant of a privately rented home has the legal right to stay in the United Kingdom. Verifying the immigration status of a potential tenant is a legal requirement for all landlords. All tenants applying for a lease in the private rental sector must be included in the right to rent checks. Landlords who can show that they have correctly issued their rent entitlement checks will be able to present a defense.

An EU, EEA or Swiss citizen who has been granted indefinite permission to stay in the UK under the EU settlement system also has an unlimited right to rent in England. You'll also need to prove that you and any other adult living with you have the “right to rent” in the UK. It's less common for private landlords to check credit because they can make renting a property take longer. They may continue to rent from you if you offer them to pay a higher deposit, plus rent up front, or if you can get a guarantor. If you left Ukraine because of the war, you have the right to rent as long as you have permission from the Home Office to stay in the UK. If you don't have any documents because you're waiting for an immigration decision from the Home Office, ask the landlord to ask the Home Office for a “right to rent” check.

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay rent if you don't. You can ask your parents or someone else in your family to do it. Verifying the tenant's right to rent involves some legal responsibilities. None of them are fun, but they're all essential. Once this process is completed, it's useful to know what status this confers on the tenant.

However, it is important to stress that landlords must prove the right to rent of all potential tenants, regardless of their nationality, and, therefore, not be vulnerable to accusations of discrimination. The Home Office introduced rent-to-rent checks with the aim of making it harder for people to live and work illegally in England. The landlord must contact the Landlord Verification Service, who will tell you if you have the “right to rent” and will provide you with the correct documents. If you have the right to rent in the UK, your landlord cannot refuse to rent to you on the basis of race or nationality, for example.

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